My name is Louise Swartswalter and I am passionate about helping people balance their brains. When your brain is balanced and you are feeling good --your life style, communication, success in life and business leaps forward!

This is for you, if YOU ….

  • Want more in your life.
  • Are struggling with a health issue that is hanging on.
  • Are feeling stuck, frustrated, unfocused or just plain worn out.
  • You desire more abundance - happiness or financial.

I am a naturopathic doctor, biofeedback therapist, coach, energy worker, speaker and creator of The Beautiful Balanced Brain signature program. I own Albuquerque Natural Health Center and have served over 10,000 clients in the last twelve years.

I had a health crisis myself and it took me sixteen years to get my health back. I taught special education students and then became like the kids I taught! I lost my brain power, memory and had allergies to everything.   After working on my physical body I still was not better so I worked on my emotions, mental body and spiritual body. It was not until I added the energy work and biofeedback that I improved enough to create the life of my dreams.  It was my path that led to my beautiful balanced brain system.

Today, I own a growing coaching practice and help people from all over the world heal their lives, families and businesses. The brain program is the most complete brain balancing program out there.

Don’t wait to begin your NEW LIFE!

Beautiful Balanced Brain program

Experience The Beautiful Balanced Brain and allow your gifts to shine!

Wow, Louise! Since we had our truly wonderful session a week ago, so much has shifted and continues to transform. Before working with you I had done so much work on the issues with my parents yet still felt hurt by them - ugh! Through your techniques and understanding of ancestral patterns I am over it. I have forgiven them knowing they were acting out ancestral patterns they had no way of knowing about. Big sigh of relief!  The big thing is I don't feel victimized by them or by my partner any longer. I don't react to things other people do or say by feeling insecure or guilty. It's like I have taken my power back and other people can no longer make me feel there is something wrong with me. I feel free, and that is a very different outcome from any other work I have tried. Also the Mind Gems are great for emotional balance. Thank you so much!

A.C., Colorado

Here is an example of how the Five Step Brain Signature System works for what appears to be a physical issue:

One woman who had repeated lung/bronchial issues and coughing when she travels came in this week to work on clearing these issues for good!   I addressed each step in the BRAIN program below.

B = Body

(This is the physical piece)  I use a combination of the Beautiful Balanced Brain biofeedback program and naturopathy. The physical piece is the TB Miasm which is the residue from ancestors that causes congestion in lungs and bronchial s.  TB miasm can manifest as hammer toes or bunions and is underlying cause of skin cancer according to Hanna Kroeger.  She had bunions and hammer toes.  I gave her a homeopthic TB Miasm remedy to take internally and put on her toes.

R = Release

She knew the nagging coughing was attached to something from the past. We cleared the heart wound (soul coaching) she acquired as a young child when she felt the grief and sadness of her mother.  Some of the emotions were assimilated in the womb.

A= Align

We aligned her spiritual body by letting go and releasing as we did in the second step.

I = Integrate

We identified the old patterns from the ancestors. We released the energy attachment that got stuck in her lungs at age four from a former inhabitant of the house they moved to. This was powerful!

N= New Program

We added a new program in her energy field signifying great health and freedom using Geotran.

Here is what a few clients shared:

M.C. had extreme adrenal fatigue and was studying to become an Acupuncturist. She struggled and nutritional supplements were not helping. It was the energy work and the Beautiful Balanced Brain program I developed that turned her life around!

Since I have been working with Louise, I am no longer afraid or anxious about taking steps toward starting my business and my future success.  I actually feel hopeful about the experience and am enjoying the process. I have been so impressed with the mental shift that Louise has helped me achieve.

M.C., Washington

This is an amazing group and is reaching family here also.  My daughter listed her house for sale and she has 4 offers in 4 days.  Sold it for $10,000 higher than asking.  Wow that is abundance.

D.I., Oregon

We have groups available including Brain Boosters, Beautiful Amazing You Anti-aging, and Awakening Abundance. We also use brain re-integration energy work (Geotran) to enhance your life!

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Beautiful Amazing You

I am excited about this group. Besides the anti- aging frequencies for healthy skin, healthy hair, eye lifts and face lifts, I am adding more spiritual vibrations including faith, love, surrender, service and gratitude. I decided to make the meetings advanced applications of consciousness to keep us elevated in frequency.


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